Medical Sciences Academy

Health Sciences Academy courses are designed for students to enter into the vast and ever-growing health industry.

  • Design, conduct, and analyze a wide range of scientific experiments to solve medical mysteries.
  • Connect learning to real-life by utilizing the terminology, tools, and technology used by nurses, doctors, and first responders.
  • Experience hands-on activities in anatomy, cell biology, disease research, and medical technology to prepare them for a health career.

Career Options for Health Sciences Academy Graduates:
Emergency Response, Nursing, Medicine, Medical Technician, Doctor, Pharmacist, and more!

Health Care Professionals Pathway

In the Health Care Professionals pathway, students will begin to understand the basics of becoming a nurse, medical doctor, and beyond. These hands-on courses provide real world examples of medical issues.


  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • PLTW Medical Intervention
  • PLTW Human Body Systems

Medical Sciences Foundation

All students in the Health Sciences Academy will take foundational courses required to support the knowledge and skills taught in the career-specific pathways.


  • Health Careers
  • Medical Terminology
  • Health Science Practices
  • PLTW Principals of Biomedical Sciences