School Board Elections

School board elections will be held in June each year, the actual date will be determined each year.  Election voting times will be from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


  • 4:00 pm Start Time

  • Second and Fourth Thursday of each month

  • Batesland Board Room with possible travel to schools to be determined.



  • Bryan Brewer - President

  • Robert Two Crow - Vice President

  • Debbie Blue Bird- Second Vice President

  • Clarence "Chuck" Conroy- Board Member

  • Andrea "Angie" Eagle Bull - Board Member

Bryan Brewer, School Board President
Phone: (605) 288-1921
Term: 2022-2025

 Robert Two Crow, School Board Vice-President
Phone: 605-288-1921
Term: 2019-2024

Debbie Blue Bird, School Board Second Vice-President
Phone: 605-288-1921
Term: 2021-2024

Clarence "Chuck" Conroy, School Board Member
Phone: (605) 288-1921
Term: 2020-2023

Andrea "Angie" Eagle Bull, School Board Member
Phone: (605) 288-1921
Term: 2022-2025

Board Polices

Approved Board Policies can be found under the Board documents. Any comments, ideas, suggestions can be sent to the School District using our Tech Support page.

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