Back to School

You may have heard by now that all OLCSD K through 8 schools will be opening for students on Tuesday, April 6 th.  You will be receiving a call or text from the school to determine if you would like your student to return to school or remain in online classes for the rest of the year. 

 In an effort to keep our students and families as safe as possible from contracting the virus, all staff will be required to have, or be in the process of getting, a vaccination and any required boosters that may be created.  

Special Covid-19 protocols will be implemented for staff and students, too.  Social distancing procedures will be implemented to the greatest degree possible.  Classrooms will have plexiglass dividers on tables, and each student will have access to a portable shield to use where plexiglass is not available.  We will be implementing no-contact transitions between classes and other areas in the school.  All staff will be required to wear masks.  There will be masks available for students as well.  The school will provide up to two masks per day if necessary to students.  If mask wearing for a student is not desired, there will still be online school available.  For the safety of all our students, their families, and the district staff, these protocols will need to be enforced.  Any student who cannot be guided into following these protocols may be asked to return home.  Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping your students see the importance of following these simple protection protocols!

The school schedule will be as follows:  

  • Monday through Thursday will have on site school from 8AM to 12PM.  
  • On-site students will be transported home at 12PM.  Lunches will also be delivered for students remaining in on-line classes at that time.  
  • Online classes will begin for those students wishing to remain in remote learning from 1:30PM until 4:00PM on Monday through Thursday. 
  •  Friday will be a day for tutoring, individual instruction, or small group instruction for both online and on-site students.  
  • Schedules for Friday instruction will be developed by the appropriate staff and given directly to those requiring these services at a later date.  

This schedule will continue through the end of the school calendar on May 28, 2021. Thank you again.  

We cannot wait to serve our students in school and online this April!