Oglala Lakota County Virtual High School

We are taking applications for the Fall Term of 2019 Students will need to have completed at least 2 online courses to re-apply.

About the Program

The Oglala Lakota Virtual High School (OLCVHS) offers Oglala Lakota students the opportunity to complete their high school diploma requirements online. Students are taught by qualified professionals, and students can complete their coursework on their own time.

Academic Standards

Because the South Dakota Department of Education approves all courses, students and parents can be assured that the courses meet State academic standards.

The School District:

  • Decides if it will allow students to take online courses
  • Determines which students are eligible
  • Evaluates available online course offerings

The Oglala Lakota County School District will pay for the student to take their online courses. As such, the principal must approve any request for a student to take a course online.

How does it work?
Virtual High School students usually attend class by reporting to a designated school or community computer labs or classrooms. They log on to their virtual course, communicate with their teacher, and complete their coursework.

An on-site coordinator monitors students' progress towards course completion and helps them with any questions or technical problems they have.