Special Education

Special Needs Students

  • For returning students with identified special needs - Teacher and/or speech language pathologist will provide copies of IEP goals and objectives and meet with you to address service delivery.
  • For new students whom you suspect may have been receiving special services - meet with the teacher / SLP assigned to your grade / instructional level to see if records have been requested.
  • Still not sure - check with the Attendance Clerk and review the cumulative file. The Administrative Office, maintains current and inactive master files and can contact the previous school.
  • Others who can help - building principals; Administrative Office staff - TBA, School Psychologist; Mark Donovan, Special Education Social Worker; Cindy Keegan, Special Education Director.

Recognizing Special Needs

  • Review the cumulative file - local and state assessment information, attendance, report cards, information from previous teacher and/or school; check vision, hearing and health status. Make adjustments in regular education program and monitor progress. Poor attendance and/or insufficient instruction are not special education issues. When making a home contact, approach as if it is your child who is involved.
  • Insufficient progress - continue engaging support / ideas from the home; alert principal(s); ask for assistance from building level supports. Make adjustments in regular program and monitor progress. Develop a formal plan for improvement and/or request a special education referral packet from special education staff.